Sacha Inchi oil going strong abroad

Agents from the ExportSacha consortium work hand in hand with ex-combatants and communities from various regions of the country to produce Sacha inchi. This year, the company made its first export to Peru and the United States and now dreams of reaching the Chinese and European markets.

In this way Procolombia (entity in charge of promoting international tourism, foreign investment and non-traditional exports in Colombia) recognizes on June 4 the progress of the process carried out for more than ten years by SumaSach’a, who is also a consortium by ExportSacha.

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From January to April 2021, the business group had international sales of US $ 11,000 of bottles of Sacha inchi oil to be sold through Amazon and Ancestral Organics in the United States and for US $ 89,000 of grain exported to Peru. This is the result of the commitment that the business group made in 2013 for the production and commercialization of Sacha inchi to develop inclusive agribusiness in Colombia.

The Sacha inchi is cultivated by more than 1,100 farmers located in 22 departments of the Colombian territory, among which are: Caquetá, Córdoba, Arauca, Antioquia, the Eje Cafetero , Huila and Tolima. There, the raw material that is currently marketed in three main types of presentation is collected: the 250ml bottle of Sacha inchi oil, the bag of protein powder and the 70-gram bottle of roasted beans.

Procolombia indicated

Recently, in joint work with ProColombia, the export process of SumaSach’a began. During 2019, they sent samples, mainly bottles of oil, to different regions of the world to publicize the quality of their products.

A year later they participated in international fairs, such as: Biofach, Gulfood and Expo West and, together with ProColombia, they managed to enter the Amazon and Rappi digital platforms and this year they made their first export to the United States and Peru.

In the context of the Consortium, the future is promising and the plans with SumaSach’a are ambitious. As a group of companies, which are responsible for consolidating the Sacha inchi fruits of many producing companies & nbsp; in order to have export capacity, we dream of consolidating ourselves in the US market, conquering Europe and China.

“The quality of our healthy products and their competitive prices allow us to dream big, so now we want to reach Europe and the Chinese market with our mainly oil, which currently represents 90% of our sales and also has the endorsement to be marketed in Europe. ”& nbsp; & nbsp;

Felipe Serrano, manager of Biorefineria SAS the parent company of SumaSach’a

According to data from Dane, with analysis from ProColombia, during the first quarter of 2021, exports of oils and fats totaled US $ 134.8 million, 2.4% more than that registered in the same period of the previous year. Ecuador, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Italy and Spain were the main buyers. In the case of Sacha inchi oil, SumaSach’a is the only company in Colombia that exports this product. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Over the years, they have succeeded in getting different farmers and organizations in areas affected by the armed conflict to start growing Sacha inchi. What, added to the characteristics of the plant that can last for months reserved without compromising the quality of the final product and does not require large areas of land or long downtime to be economically viable, led to the substitution of illicit crops becoming in the missionary purpose of the business group.

We congratulate SumaSach’a who today promote national development working hand in hand with different farmer organizations including those made up of ex-combatants, such as “Filimarpaz” located in the Philippines, Arauca, which has around 15 hectares of organic crops and The El Tambo, Cauca unit, led by the farmer Wilmer Guengue, cultivated the Sacha inchi used to produce the 100% organic oil bottles with which they were recognized this year as a gourmet product in the International Competition of Oils of the World developed by the Agency for the Valorisation of Agricultural Products (AVPA) in Paris, France.

An excellent ally that demonstrates the value of this consortium and its high quality.

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