The Consortium of the Colombian Sacha inchi ExportSacha was established in 2021 by 14 companies from the Colombian Agro sector.


Biorefineria SAS

Headquarters of the SumaSach’a Cluster articulates in an inclusive way all those interested in developing businesses related to species of our biodiversity in different links or nodes of a supply network to deliver health, beauty and well-being to consumers, benefiting all actors from the field to table.

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As the leader of the Cluster, it transforms Sacha inchi seeds into value-added products and structures their sale and delivery to consumers in national and international markets.

Logo Cualamana


Cualamaná Healths SAS

Company created in November 2018. Company specialized in the manufacture of Sacha Inchi Roasted Seed Snack and by-products.

logo eco-agroindustrial



We are a company dedicated to providing ecological, agro-industrial services in the department of Boyacá, collecting, transforming and marketing products from our biodiverse ecosystem, providing well-being and health to its users.



Company founded by former guerrillas who are fighting for the reincorporation and implementation of the Havana Accords, making all possible efforts to build Peace with Social Justice from the Territory.

Valle del Cauca

Huella Verde Ceilan S.A.S.

It is a company founded in 2018, which is dedicated to the cultivation, transformation,
packaging and marketing of agro-industrial products based on Sacha Inchi,
was founded by a multidisciplinary team with experience in the food industry.
Generating preference for our clients and consumers, through the use of tools
and methodologies that guarantee food safety, quality, innocuousness, health and environment.


International SumaSach'a

SumaSach’a is the commercial arm of an entire ecosystem in Latin America and the world. The main responsibility is to sell the products derived from Sacha Inchi produced both in Ecuador and Colombia in commercial presentations, in bulk and as raw materials to pharmacopoeial industries, food and cosmetics, under this context a scheme is proposed for the internationalization of products in the North American market.


Nativo Sacha Santader

A Santander company created in September 2020. We are an agro-industrial company that sees in our biodiversity a great opportunity to share the ancestral legacy with the world, conserving our ecosystems.

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The success of our company lies in the articulation of the entire production chain, thus guaranteeing the traceability, characterization and safety of our products, as well as the development and improvement of the quality of life of the entire production chain. We present to the world a healthy and natural alternative taking advantage of the incalculable wealth of our biodiversity.


Sacha Galeras UEAI SAS

The business unit was created on January 18 of 2019; We are an Agroindustrial company, we transform and commercialize products from our Biodiversity

Norte de Santander

Sacha Tibú UEAI SAS

We are a company created on January 5, 2019, we are located in the Catatumbo region, in the municipality of Tibú to the north of the Norte de Santander department, we sell grain, snacks, oil and protein powder from SachaInchi.

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We provide allied farmers with technical assistance and support in the product transformation and organizational processes to guarantee product traceability and the strengthening of the communities involved. Our brand Catatumbos refers to our region and its symbol “El Faro del Catatumbo”


Sacha Amara SAS

Since the beginning of 2019, Sacha Amara has been formally promoting the growth of the southern region of Córdoba, promoting the economy of the region through the strengthening of the processes of planting, transformation and marketing of Sacha Inchi with the farmers of the department associated with our initiative. .

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We currently work with 92 peasant families, most of whom are engaged in agricultural and livestock activities on their land. We produce healthy food, in harmony with the environment, promoting human development among the community.


Sacha Antioquia UD SAS

The objective of Sacha Antioquia is the Inclusive Agroindustrial Productive Chain of biodiversity species such as SachaInchi (Plukenetia sp) and others; promote products derived from SachaInchi and other species.

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Create and accompany the development of new Independent Agroindustrial Business Units (UEAI), companies that are an integral part of the Inclusive Agroindustrial Business Cluster in the SumaSach’a Network.


Sacha Cauca UD SAS

Created on March 3, 2021, a Cauca company that promotes the agro-industrial production chain of SachaInchi and species of biodiversity; Together with empowered farmers we promote certified organic production, friendly to the ecosystem.

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We export raw material, especially grain and finished products such as oil, awarded at the international fair for oils, snacks and protein powder with high nutritional value. Our production practices with a quality seal guarantee the safety and traceability of the products, offered to consumers.
We are located in Popayán.

logo sacha cundinamarca


Sacha Cundiamarca UEAI SAS

We are an agribusiness company in the Department of Cundinamarca, we collect, transform and commercialize native products and high nutritional value of our biodiversity, we join farmers of the department, we facilitate technical assistance and we guarantee traceability of our finished products.

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We have Organic certification for the United States and the European Union.
We are located in San Cayetano, Cundinamarca

logo sacha huila



Departmental unit SachaHuila UEAI SAS ZOMAC, with headquarters in San Adolfo, Acevedo municipality, Huila, created in November 2019. We cultivate, transform and commercialize our products derived from Sachainchi, promoting inclusive agribusiness in the department of Huila.



SACHAMAS SAS was born from an association of sacha inchi producers that develops agricultural activities with social ingredients. We went from being only farmers to processors and marketers of finished products derived from sacha inchi. Our formalization as a sas company, we carried out the month of January 2020 in the municipality of Anolaima.

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All our processes are carried out with good practices, respecting and caring for the environment, as well as taking care of our partners and their families, ensuring their well-being and progress and we want to deliver nutritious and healthy products to the market.

logo sacha moniquira


Sacha Moniquirá UEAI SAS

Company created on February 22, 2019, we are located in Moniquirá – Boyacá. We cultivate Sacha inchi, we transform our raw material and thus giving added value to our products, generating economic development in our region.


Sacha Tolima UD SAS

SachaTolima SAS BIC Departmental Unit, was born as a Tolimense company at the beginning
2021, calls on entrepreneurs and farmers from the region to facilitate the
inclusive agroindustrial chain with natural, organic products under the
principles of the bioeconomy.
Our products are derived from Sacha Inchi, a promising species of our Biodiversity
Latin American, in addition to providing health and well-being to the human being.



The Viared Foundation designed and structured a food and economic security model for indigenous and peasant families that can be replicated in different regions of Colombia. Among all, provide alternative proteins and high quality Omega3, to improve nutritional deficits and low cognitive development that exist in Colombia and in many countries.

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We want to make the countryside a better place to live and work; dignify peasant work and bring to the world the richness of our Colombian biodiversity.

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    The ExportSacha Consortium is an association of companies from the Colombian agro-industrial sector, experts in the production and export of high quality Colombian SachaInchi.

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