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Colombian Sacha Inchi

Sacha Inchi is a plant with a great nutritional contribution for the human being, in addition, it is integrated into the history of our ancestors as a native food of our Amazon.

The Sacha inchi, Sacha maní, Inca peanut or star peanut, is a semi-woody and perennial plant, of the euphorbiaceae family. It is a vigorous plant species, its first harvest begins at 6 or 8 months depending on the variety, with a permanent production for 5 years of useful life, extendable up to 10 years. It is not demanding on soils, very little susceptible to damage from pests and diseases, also, it demands good light and as it is a vine, it requires tutors and wire lines, although it can also be supported on live logs.

The SachaInchi to be considered high quality must:

  • Be 100% Sacha Inchi (without additives)
  • Comply with Invima food standards.
  • Comply with NOP (National Organic Program) and EOS (Ecocert Organic Standart) organic standards

The inclusive character of the Colombian Sachainchi:

Our Sacha inchi is cultivated by the hands of the best team of Colombian Farmers who work together to give the country a better future, besides harvesting it, they also market it as a departmental unit.

The manufacturing process:

  • Way of cultivating.
  • Proper packaging and storage.
  • Process of obtaining the roasted seed. Implementation of traditional flavors
  • Oil obtaining process. Unique flavor
  • Process of obtaining the protein powder. Seamless texture

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The ExportSacha Consortium is an association of companies from the Colombian agro-industrial sector, experts in the production and export of high quality Colombian SachaInchi.

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