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We are an association of companies, most of them made up of farmers, all experts in Sachainchi production and export. With the commitment to provide a quality product that meets international standards and requirements.

We have NOP and EOS certificates, we work as a team innovating with our biodiversity and maintaining harmony with the environment.

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Technical requirements to be part of the consortium


ExportSacha seal

Raw material (Sacha Inchi seed)








Our sign


Identity sign

Authenticity. The Sachainchi is part of our Biodiversity.

Know how to cultivate. Only the best and most experienced Farmers make Sachainchi a unique product.

100% Colombian product. Always made in Colombia and with top quality 100% Colombian raw material.

Unique products. Our products have the ExportSacha sign and are distinguished by their appearance, texture, smell, taste and impeccable presentation.

QA. The production processes of our associates are audited annually. Likewise, continuous inspections are carried out throughout the production process, to guarantee the optimum quality of the grain, oil, flour and nuts.


Connect the Colombian actors of the Sachainchi agroindustry with international markets.

The consortium label

The products of the ExportSacha Consortium are distinguished by our label, a symbol of quality that certifies the origin of the product and all its components: Colombia.

Only those products that pass our rigorous selection system can wear this label; a system based on quality audits from the origin of the grain, compliance with Invima food standards, storage, manufacturing processes, and selection of the final product.

In this way, we ensure the guarantee and satisfaction of the end consumer.

Quality guarantee

KNOWLEDGE of our associates, who treat the product with exclusivity and respect.

The ORIGIN of the raw materials, all of them originating in Colombia.

The Inspection carried out on our associates that ensures that consumers enjoy the highest quality oil.








Together with innovative agro-industrial companies with a global vision for sachaInchi and the promising species of our rich biodiversity, we created the ExportSacha consortium. Thanks to the support of Procolombia, the ExportSacha export consortium is born, which seeks to meet the growing demand for protein and Omega 3 in the world.

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The ExportSacha Consortium is an association of companies from the Colombian agro-industrial sector, experts in the production and export of high quality Colombian SachaInchi.

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